The Latest Anti-Semitism – Making Jews White

bibi-and-hitlerWe are now well accustomed to anti-Zionists equating Israel with Nazi Germany, accusing Israel of colonialism, apartheid and any human rights violation one can think of.

But something new is emerging. Previously, some would claim they do not deny Israel’s right to exist, they are just critical of the Israeli occupation and of certain Israeli government policies. This then developed into an out in the open rejection of Zionism – the right of a Jewish state or state for the Jewish people to exist and a growing acceptability of this position.

Notwithstanding the double standard of singling out Israel for specific condemnation for its commitment to its Jewish character whilst remaining silent about every other ethno-national state, it is only Israel that is condemned for this and has a global campaign to delegitimize it through BDS. This double standard brings it into the U.S. State Department and European Union’s EUMC most widely accepted definition of forms of modern manifestations of anti-Semitism.

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Belief in Historical Falsehoods – The Cause of Labour’s Anti-Semitism Problem

For those who have been following the Labour party and the row over anti-Semitism, this week revealed some shocking developments in the saga. In May Labour secretly suspended 50 members over racist and anti-Semitic comments. This comes as Jeremy Corbyn and his Momentum supporters pushed a radical shift in the party. Lets look examine in a little depth some of the comments made and we will see what is fundamentally wrong.

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From Tel Aviv to Orlando

Last week Tel Aviv experienced one of the most diabolical killing sprees in its history, where Palestinians with guns opened fire murdering Israeli civilians in the heart of Tel Aviv in Sarona Market. Sky news fuck up

Since the Har Nof Massacre Israel has been victim to outright libel at the hands of the Western media in the reporting of almost every terror attack against its civilians perpetrated by Palestinian murderers.

In the most recent attack in Israel, CNN used condescending quotation marks on the word “Terrorist” in their headlines in reporting the event. Sky News in an attempt to offer context and background to the latest atrocity described the endless terror attacks since October 2015 as “allegedly carried out by Palestinians.”

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Anti-Zionism and Post Zionism


It was whilst studying on my gap year in Israel that I first became really exposed to Post-Zionism. Ideas that challenged and critiqued the what I had come to believe over the past two-three years since joining Hanoar Hatzioni. It encouraged its leaders to go to Israel and to take part in the Machon program, knowing full well that teaching about Post-Zionism was part of the curriculum, which involved being self critical.

In fact, one day I can remember some workers from the UJS (Union of Jewish Students), coming to visit us from London, to talk to us about life on a university campus in relation to the anti-Zionist activity that was beginning to grow and spread. It was important that we become at least familiar with these kinds of criticism’s now, otherwise it will be a big shock when we arrive on campus and have people calling us Nazis and racists and not understanding why.

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A Review of Current Trends in Jewish Identity – May 2016

As with my recent update in my analysis of the Israeli Arab conflict for the first time in seven years I wish now to turn my attention to another subject that I have not written about since, trends and models of Jewish identity reflecting on my years when I worked in Informal Jewish education in the UK.

I had entered the world of Informal Jewish education at a time when the youth movements dominated scene. I was a graduate of Hanoar Hatzioni, but then went onto work with other similar religiously pluralist organisations under the umbrella of the UJIA, including Bnei Brith, Maccabi and the Redbridge JCC (Jewish Care, Redbridge).

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The Absurdity of “Brand Israel”

In 2005, the Israeli Foreign and Finance Ministry and Prime Ministers Office agreed to embark on a plan to “re-brand” Israel, to improve Israel’s image abroad. By not mentioning the conflict with the Palestinians and instead to focus on the “positive” side of Israel.

This has involved emphasis on Israel’s agricultural achievements and environmentalism. This has a specific term given to it by anti-Israel activists called “Green washing” – Using environmentalism as a means of white-washing all the allegations anti-Israel haters like to accuse Israel of.

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A Political Analysis of the Arab-Israeli Conflict – May 2016

The last time I wrote a political commentary on the Arab-Israeli conflict was in 2009 in an essay titled The Second Intifada Revisited, where I wrote about my predictions of what direction the Arab Israeli conflict was heading.

It is now 2016, seven years later and much of what I predicted has come to pass. I will hopefully write more frequently on this topic from now on, but first I am sure many of you reading did not read my previous forecast. In 2009, I drew on the work of William Zartman in his  International Conflict Resolution after the Cold War.1 and what he describes as Ripeness theory in conflict resolution.

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Anti-Semitism Denial

We are now facing a new phenomena in light of the recent row over anti-Semitism in the Labour party where members were suspended for anti-Semitic comments. In some cases such as Naz Shah, she has rightly apologised for her comments. In others, most notably Ken Livingstone, he has repeated his insidious remarks and made matters worse.

The Chief Rabbi Efraim Mervis recently wrote an article in the Telegraph and his point has also previously been said by former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks that Zionism and Judaism are inseparable and those who seek to make this distinction are far from qualified to engage in such an analysis of what the central components are of Judaism and Jewish identity.

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Was Zionism Set Up By The British To Serve Their Imperialist Ambitions? Exploring The Views Of The BDS Movement Part 3

Recently a few of us decided to attend a weekly protest that take place on Oxford street every Thursday evening organised by the BDS organisation “Victory to the Intifada,” known as the Picket.

We spoke to a number of people who were in attendance who were willing to be interviewed by us and share their views on why they were boycotting Marks and Spencer for trading with Israel and against Zionism.

There is an ongoing argument as to whether or not anti-Zionism is the same as anti-Semitism, and ones freedom to voice legitimate criticism of Israeli government policies. This is very vague, so we wanted to know what these people believe, what their criticisms are and here we will explore their claims and ascertain how legitimate such voices are.

You may view our interview below.

This is the third post responding to views made by those at the protest. One of the people we interviewed claimed.

Israel was set up by the British Mandate as part of a Colonial settlement, as a state in the Middle East that is friendly to the West. 

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