A Review of Current Trends in Jewish Identity – May 2016

As with my recent update in my analysis of the Israeli Arab conflict for the first time in seven years I wish now to turn my attention to another subject that I have not written about since, trends and models of Jewish identity reflecting on my years when I worked in Informal Jewish education in the UK.

I had entered the world of Informal Jewish education at a time when the youth movements dominated scene. I was a graduate of Hanoar Hatzioni, but then went onto work with other similar religiously pluralist organisations under the umbrella of the UJIA, including Bnei Brith, Maccabi and the Redbridge JCC (Jewish Care, Redbridge).

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From the Battlefield to Social Media

In May 2015, Israeli Defense Minister, Moshe Yaalon announced at a Shurat HaDin conference in Jerusalem that Israel’s enemies “can’t wipe it out by conventional warfare.” He went on to say that that those enemies had “moved on to terror, trying to develop weapons of mass destruction and other tools: delegitimization, BDS and lawfare,” which would “keep challenging us.”

The war on the battlefield is every bit as much today being fought on college campuses and on social media through the spreading of lies and anti-Israel propaganda.

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