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These articles explore general themes and topics within Judaism, drawing from classical Jewish texts. Including questions arising from Modern Biblical studies and Archaeology.

The Jewish Case for Multiple Authorship of the Torah – A Suppressed Tradition

In The Language of Man – Judaism – An Evolving Religion

Kuzari Challenged

Ishmael – The Jewish Arab Conflict From a Torah Perspective

The Western World Through The Eyes Of The Torah – Greece Part 1

The Western World Through the Eyes Of The Torah – Rome Part 2

Egypt Vs Nazi Germany 

The Concept of Liberty and Torah 

A Review of Current Trends in Jewish Identity – May 2016


These articles provide information on the history of the state of Israel, and political analysis and commentary on current events concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict and issues in Israeli society.

Ignorance – The Greatest Threat to the Jews

From the Battlefield to Social Media

How Israel Sought to Maintain a Jewish Majority without Expelling the Arabs

A Political Analysis of the Arab-Israeli Conflict – May 2016

The Absurdity of “Brand Israel”

From Tel Aviv to Orlando

The Case for Palestinian Jews 

Why John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt are wrong

Stealing Israels Bargaining Chips

Where Palestinian Propagandists went wrong

Arab Honour and Dignity are the Obstacle to Peace

The Second Intifada Revisited 

The Nature of Israels Greatest New Challenge 

Libya: Necessary, Legal and Right. Gaza: Disproportionate, Illegal and wrong

Overcoming the Colonial Nature of Antisemitism 

Get Off My Land!

Israel’s Wall that will not be taken away 

When Humanitarian Aid is Condemned 


These articles defend the cause of the Zionist movement as the national liberation movement of the Jewish people from charges that Zionism is a racist ideology and libellous unfounded claims made against the people of Israel by Palestinian propaganda, Neo-Nazi groups, Radical Leftists often presenting traditional anti-Semitism under the banner of “anti-Zionism.”

A Brief History of Classical Zionist Ideologies 

Is Anti-Zionism Antisemitism? Exploring the views of supporters of the BDS movement Part 1: The Rights of Israeli Arabs 

Is the Objective of Zionism to spread Islamophobia throughout the world? Exploring the views of the BDS movement 

Was Zionism set up by the British to serve their Imperialist Ambitions? Exploring the views of the BDS movement Part 3 

The Loss of 6 million Potential Israelis and the Diaspora’s Refusal to Immigrate to Israel

From Unseen Gaza to the Promise

Israel as the Jew among the Nations: Herzl’s Illusions

Anti-Zionism and Post Zionism

Anti-Semitism Denial


Judaism Vs Christianity 

These articles look at key Biblical concepts and explore how they are understood  by the two religions and where they differ.

How we know that Jesus, Paul and John the Baptist were not Prophets – Understanding Prophecy in Torah

Original Sin – Salvation through Faith in Jesus Vs Mitzvot as the Path back to the Garden 

Why Jews are not impressed by the “Miracle” of Jesus’ Resurrection 

Holy Spirit Vs Ruach HaKodesh 

The Son of God Vs God the Son 


Counter Missionary 

These articles address and respond to the challenge of deceptive Christian Missionaries who aim to convince Jews to embrace Jesus and Christian teachings. Our aim is to provide informative educational material addressing the claims of such groups from a traditional Jewish perspective.  We endeavour to support those who have encountered such groups and provide them with the knowledge to respond.

What did the original followers of Jesus believe? 

Christian for Mohammed 




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