From Tel Aviv to Orlando

Last week Tel Aviv experienced one of the most diabolical killing sprees in its history, where Palestinians with guns opened fire murdering Israeli civilians in the heart of Tel Aviv in Sarona Market. Sky news fuck up

Since the Har Nof Massacre Israel has been victim to outright libel at the hands of the Western media in the reporting of almost every terror attack against its civilians perpetrated by Palestinian murderers.

In the most recent attack in Israel, CNN used condescending quotation marks on the word “Terrorist” in their headlines in reporting the event. Sky News in an attempt to offer context and background to the latest atrocity described the endless terror attacks since October 2015 as “allegedly carried out by Palestinians.”

CNN TerroristsA few days later, 50 civilians were shot by a Muslim terrorist in a gay night club in Orlando, Florida. Of course the headlines did not come anywhere close to the distortions of anything involving Jews or Israelis, where outright fiction becomes fact.

What was unique was President Barack Obama’s response to this attack. Obama described the attack as “terror” motivated by “hate” but once again fails to admit any connection between the Islamist ideology that fuels the attacks against America and against Israel or even the atrocities in France in early 2015.

The terrorist attack on the Kosher supermarket that day in Paris, Obama failed to acknowledge that these were attacks by Muslims motivated by an extremist ideology that is both anti-Semitic, anti-Western and in our latest example also incidentally homophobic. He doesn’t connect the dots when they are staring him in the face. Instead he turned the Orlando massacre into the issue of gun control.

The Europeans, do not respect Israel enough to accept that terrorism against Israelis is encouraged by both Hamas and the PA through incitement to hatred against Jews and non Muslims in the name of Islam. They are at least willing grant themselves the self respect to acknowledge that the threat of global terrorism does not exist in a vacuum, it is not due to ignorance or poverty. It is made possible through the spread and appeal of a dangerous ideology promoting a radical form of Islam that threatens not only non-Muslims but also most Muslims as well.

Are we beginning to see a new stage in the spread of this mindset of denial that began with the Western media misrepresenting terrorist attacks in Israel, thanks to Obama are now being applied to Islamist terrorism targeting US and eventually Europe and elsewhere as well?

As anti-Semitism in Europe is increasing at alarming rates, Jews who are deeply alarmed are being condemned and accused by even some of their countries leaders of being part of a conspiracy to silence criticism of Israel by allegedly abusing and misusing anti-Semitism. Meanwhile the truth is that the accusation of Islamophobia is being used as a weapon to silence those who mention the fact of Radical Islam.

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