Israel awaits the Rachel Corrie ship and asks, Friend or Foe?

As I had previously forecast, that there would be more events of a similar nature to come. There are now more attempts to lift the blockade of Gaza by sending more humanitarian aid with ‘peace activists.’ The Irish ship Rachel Corrie named after the American activist who was crushed to death by a bulldozer during a protest in Gaza in 2003, has lost communication with the Free Gaza movement who have assumed that Israel has sabotaged the systems on the ship.

This ship includes Mairead Corrigan Maguire, the Nobel Peace laureate and founder of the Northern Ireland Peace People and Denis Halliday, a retired Irish diplomat who was once United Nations assistant secretary-general.

The Free Gaza movement, responsible for sending the ship have said they want to pull Rachel Corrie into a port, and “add more high-profile people on board, and insist that journalists from around the world also come with us.”

Only time will tell whether this ship will be like the other ships on the Flotilla unlike the Mavi Marmara and will respond in kind to Israel’s demand to check the ship for weapons being delivered to Hamas. Or whether like the Mavi Marmara is deliberately looking for a violent confrontation with Israel, and we will see whether or not those on board are peace activists or terrorists.

When the Free Gaza movement says it wants to add more high profile people on board including journalists and celebrities to challenge Israel. It will certainly make things more complicated, as if the Corrie turns out to be like the Marmara, these willing supporters of the welfare of the Palestinians may soon find themselves held hostage until Israel lifts the blockade.

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